Breast Augmentation

All women wish to have beautiful breast, as one of the most important part that represents woman gender and occupies a certain area in physical structure. Unfortunately it is not always possible to have this aesthetic by natural ways. There may be genetical shape problems such as single or double sided growing, as well as breast deformation may be seen. As a result, breast tissue may lose its mass and may become smaller. For cases such as pregnancy and enduring weight gain/loss; those problems listed above may occur in time. Esthetic breast augmentation which is made with silicon prosthesis can take an important place in theprocess of increasing the size of breasts. Increasing proportion may be applied variously from one person to the other. The approppriate scales are best detected by taking the current breast structure, body and breast sizes into action. Esthetic breast augmentation surgeries are mostly combined with breast lifting surgery against sagging and laxing which may occur in consequence of partial body structure changes such as gaining/losing weight and giving birth.

Most frequently used types of prosthesis can be categorized in two: silicon gel and saline water. However, types of prosthesis that are most frequently used can be divided into two as silicon gel and prosthesis consist of salt water. Prosthesis consist of salt water have a lot of disadvantages. Water can be reduced by leaking, dimension of prosthesis may be decreased and coolness or heat emotion may be felt as salt water transmission exists and sometimes agitation sound may be heart. None of these disadvantages can be seen in gel prosthesis. After investigations that were made for years, silicon became a primary material in the production of breast prosthesis as a material which attracts minimum reaction by body tissues. The most important property about this subject is the body rejects the material that is used for the production of prosthesis as it does not provide reaction.

Adequate lifting may not be provided, if silicon prosthesis surgery is applied alone to sagging breasts which lost their weight and loosen in high levels. In such a situation excessive skins are removed from appropriate areas and lifting operation can be made by raising breast to a level it must be. As sizes such as 85-90 are related to diameter of chest cage of patient in planning stage, generally bra size will not change but sizes which are stated with A, B, C, D letters and called cup size will change. A letter states the smallest breast diameter. Thus expectation of the patient must be determined very carefully before aesthetic breast augmentation surgery and possible different dimensions and reasons must be examined. Patients must not take aspirin before plastic surgery; if they took it must be stopped before 7-8 days. No infection must exist in area of body. If breast cancer story exists in patients who are older than 40 then mammographic examination must be made before surgery.

The expectations of patient must be determined after having a detailed talk with her upon deciding breast augmentation surgery. Risks of surgery are explained to patient. It was proved with various foreign scientific investigations that silicon prosthesis do not cause cancer. Complication risk is very few if breast augmentation surgery is made by an experienced Plastic Surgery. Capsule contracture, infection (inflammation) and bleeding can be shown as example among complications (unintended consequences). Capsule arises around silicon prosthesis in each breast augmentation surgery. Slim capsules and also wide and loose capsules in comparison to dimension of prosthesis are ideal. The place of incision for placing of silicon prosthesis can be around papilla or lower line of breast, axilla, and navel or abdomen area if abdominoplasty aesthetic surgery will also be made at the same séance. Very slim sutures are used for minimizing sequela.

Patient accommodates in hospital at least for one day after breast augmentation surgery, next day bra is worn by decreasing dressing. Pain may be seen for a week weeks with physical contact. Sutures are removed in 10-12 days. After removal of sutures pink colour may remain at the place of sutures up to 6 weeks later the area slowly becomes white. As a result aesthetic breast augmentation silicon prosthesis surgery is among satisfactory surgeries which immediately gives results.

Breast Lifting (Mastopexy)

Breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure to raise and recontour sagging breasts and ptosis nipples. Breast volume decreases and aesthetic appearance damages in enlarging breasts after ending of suckling period especially due to sucking and childbearing. Same result may be seen in some patients as a result of decreasing of breast tissue due to excessive gaining or loosing loss. Generally skin does not correspond with this reduction and breast and nipple prolpse trough down. This prolapse can be corrected with breast lifting surgery (breast aesthetic).

Breast lifting surgery is made with own tissues of patient. Only excessive parts of softening skin are removed and breast is raised up before removal of breast tissue. As a result of breast lifting surgery sometimes reverse T shape seqeula, sometimes a single line from nipple to down side and sometimes a sequela remains around breast. While this sequela is seen as pink it reduces by becoming white in a few months. The method and sequela type will depend on body, breast structure and expectations of patient. In case of very little prolapse, a skin is removed around nipple breast ring and is sutured by shrinking around it. In this situation very little seuqela will remain. But it is important to chose a case appropriate with this.

In case of a very little breast prolapse situation such prolapse can be recovered by enlarging breast with silicon breast prosthesis method if volume of breast is also small. In this procedure a very little sequela will remain too. Thus lifting surgery with other words removal of skin will be necessary with prosthesis in such a situation. In medium degree prolapses it is possible to make breast lifting wit a vertical sequela. Breast lifting surgery can be under local or general anaesthesia. It will be necessary to accommodate in the hospital if it s made under general anaesthesia. Sutures are removed in approximately 15 days after surgery.

Breast Reduction (Mammaplasty)

Breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty are made due to tonuses in back and neck, positional change, headache shoulder pain, problems in shoulder due to bra straps, chronic breast pain and problems related to personnel hygiene and not being attend to sports activities which cause because of excessive big breasts. In breast reduction surgery lifting operation is also made together.

In breast reduction surgery tissue and skin excessiveness are removed from appropriate parts of surgery and areola is raised up where is must be. While raising areola up various methods are used for feeding areola and breast ring and not damaging their connections with emotional nerves.

The type of technique that will be applied to patients for breast reduction surgery completely depends on expectation, breast structure and dimension of planed sequela of patient. Generally end point and some mammary ducts of breast can be protected. After breast reduction surgery a sequla like a T shape remains at lower side of breast in some techniques. And in some techniques a straight line from nipple to down side, and sometimes a sequela remains only around nipple. Sequela around nipple can not be seen after breast reduction surgery as it is in color change border. All precautions are taken for preventing this sequela. But it is not possible to predict amount of such a sequela on breast as recovery, tissue factors and body color of each person is different. Breastfeeding is generally possible in the future after breast feeding surgery. At the other hand the amount of milk will reduce as certain tissues that are removed during breast reduction operation are among breast glandula mammarias.

Upon deciding surgery the plastic surgeon determines the intervention to be made to patient according to breast tissue to be removed, sagging amount and other factors. Infection, bleeding and hematom are among complications to that may be seen after breast reduction surgery. Depending on circulation problems, the specific complications that may be very rarely seen are necrosis of fatty tissue and nipple tissue with other words their corrosion. This possibility is very rare. The pains that may arise after breast reduction surgery may be stopped with pain killers. 2-3 dressing can be made after surgery. Sutures are removed approximately in 15 days. As sequela of breast reduction surgery is pink for a few months they can be recognized. Sequela will be similar with body color in 6 months and 1 year so that they will be more indefinite. Before planning of breast reduction surgery the place where nipple must normally be is marked. Depending on length of patient this place must be 19-21 cm away from the line where collar bone and nipple of patient meets at.

Dress is made and bandages are changed on the next day of breast reduction surgery. A smaller bandage is made. Elastic special bra is worn that covers breast completely. It both reduces oedema and has a feature of mould. Sutures are removed in 10-15 days after two-three dressings. Patient stands up on the next day of breast reduction surgery. Patient can conduct daily routine works after 2-3 days. Tablet pain killers are used for pains that may last 1-2 days after surgery, it will be adequate. After breast reduction surgery breast are reduced and lifted.

Breast Reconstruction

“Breast reconstruction” means creating a new breast instead of breast that was removed due to cancer or similar reasons. This surgery is the most important surgery today in terms of making patients ready. Today it is possible to create reconstructions that are similar with other breast thanks to developing technique and technologies. Reconstruction can be made in most of patients following of removal of breast (mastectomy) in most of the patients. Making two surgeries together at the same séance enables patient to have one surgery less and also helps patient psychologically as breast tissue that was removed will not be empty. Depression that is called “post mastectomy depression” is rarely seen in such patients that occur following of breast removal.

Breast surgery that is made after mastectomy is not an easy intervention. There are several options, plastic surgeon and patient decides together for the type of method to be applied. There is not a medical obstacle for this surgery in most of patients who were exposed to mastectomy; it can be made together with mastectomy in most of patients. There may be valid reasons for postponing reconstruction in same cases. Some women may not want to add reconstruction to spiritual and bodily loads. If patient will wait, talking about reconstruction choices will increase morale of patient who will be operated. There is not a proven risk for breast reconstruction to relapse cancer. Postponing reconstruction will bring heavier loads to patient as physiologically. If reconstruction is not made to patients after mastectomy then additional psychic traumas will be seen in patients within respect of getting used to inadequacy feeling of breast tissue and then also getting used to of new breast.

Reconstruction alternatives must be evaluated immediately after diagnosing breast cancer. The most ideal choice is discussion of surgeon who will make mastectomy with the plastic surgeon who will make the reconstruction and determine the best choice for you. Plans are affected according to chemotherapy or radiotherapy that is applied to patient or not after surgery. General health condition, anatomic structure, tissue properties and aims of the patient are effective on selection of the method to be determined. Breast reconstruction surgery sometimes can be with two séances instead of one. It is possible to make reconstruction by transferring tissues that are prepared from abdomen or back areas to breast region. Tissue transfer is made with two types. In one type the tissue to be transferred is transferred depending on main nutrition area from one side. In the other type the tissue consist of fat and muscle is transferred freely and veins on are recovered in the place where it is transferred. Plastic surgeon must be master on microsurgery in addition to necessary experience for breast reconstruction. Patient must accommodate in the hospital for 2-5 days depending on type and time of surgery. Generally sutures are removed in two weeks after surgery. It may take one month to turn daily activities. This process can be shortened in reconstructions that are made only with prosthesis.

Breast prothesises are another method that is frequently applied. These surgeries are made by using implants (breast prosthesis). Prophesises are materials that consist of silicon gel inside and silicon sheath outside. In addition to methods which apply tissue dilator in the first séance and place prosthesis in the second séance, today operations are completed with single séance by breast implants that supersedes both for tissue dilator and prosthesis. Dilating of tissue can take 2-3 months and breast that is newly created can reach to its original dimension at the end of this period. This period is the time that is necessary for dilating the tissue. It is possible to conduct dark coloured part that is on the nipple-areola by another séance under local anaesthesia. Breast skin may remain in adequate amounts in some patients after mastectomy, in this situation tissue dilation is not necessary and operation is completed in shorter times with simpler prophesises.

If breast tissue that is newly created is compared with the other one its shape and properties may not be the same. The purpose is to reach similar results as soon as it is possible. But these minimal changes will only be recognised by you not by the persons around you. Breast reconstruction surgery is a surgery that makes important changes both in appearances of patients and their view of life. According to an investigation that was made in the United States of America, the patients stated that they would want to have made breast reconstruction again if they face with the same problem again.


As a result of pregnancy and extreme weight losses, laxation may occur around abdominal area in such a way that the tissue cannot return to its usual shape. In that case, the excess skin around mesogastrium and hypogastrium are being removed with sagging fat. In abdominal muscles’ laxing or deformation cases; the sagging parts of the body are reformed by injectablefillers.

Generally, during the procedure, the skin which lies under abdominal level is completely removed and the upper skin is decreased down to the empty area. Thus, abdominal skin is tightened and it becomes smoother. If there occurs an opening or a flaccid (diastase) on the middle line during the surgery; this gap is being covered and, therefore, the muscles are getting closer to each other through middle. As a matter of fact; the bulge on abdominal front area is also reshaped. As a result of this surgery, a horizontal scar will be left after the incision. This part can be considered as bikini area which is not being exposed often. The scar is caused by the saturation of lower side of the abdominal skin which was pulled through inferior part and which excess parts were removed.

Individuals with average body size rates having excess skin and fat around abdominals which cannot be removed by diet or regimes are ideal candidates for this surgery. However, it is always better to lose a certain amount of weight before operation. Besides, this surgery can be applied to candidates only having following cases: sagging or laxing around abdominal skin; extreme laxing of abdominal skin; decreases of skin elasticity by aging and excess of skin after major weight loss. Abdominoplasty operation makes your physical appearance better and it increases your self confidence. When the surgery is made by an experienced surgeon; satisfying results can be acquired. However, certain complications may occur during theoperation and this can be seen in almost all kinds of surgical intervention. Infection and bleeding can be sort among rare complications after the operation. Drainage tubes and antibiotics might be used in case of infection.

Depending on difficulty level of the surgery, abdominoplasty operations take approximately 3 hours. Surgery is made under general anaesthesia. A horizontal scare around bikini area can be seen. Abdominal pain, tension and oedema may be seen after the operations. Pain relievers are being used for these problems. It is advised to the patients to try to stand up and walk in early period. Sutures are completely removed within the next 10-15 days. Abdominal corset may be given to patients followed by the decreasing of dressing. It is even possible that some patients can get back to work in 2 weeks. Complete recovery may take a few weeks. At the beginning, the sutures around the abdominal area are pink andconcrete. Scars heal and disappear continuously. This process can continue up to 6 months. Corset is used for 1-1.5 months. Later on, exercises by starting slowly are adviced for abdominal muscles.


Liposuction is a procedure to remove fat that are not able to be removed after losing weight with diet and exercise. Liposuction is used to remove fat excessive in any area of the body. Liposuction is a perfect method for reducing distension as regional, but it is not an effective lose gaining method. This operation is a body contouring surgery. Generally the most effective result with liposuction is achieved in persons who have regional excessive fats. Patients with low weight can benefit from liposuction more than others. It is ideal being at normal weight or similar. If you are obesity or have excessive weight then successful that can be obtained may be limited and it may be necessary to combine this surgery with other surgical methods. Skins with good elasticity help skin that softens after removal of fats to correspond with new sizes. Fatty tissue that is removed during liposuction can be used for fatty injection if it is necessary. But these fatty cells that are removed for application must be exposed to some operations as sterile. No age limit for surgery.

Prolapse skin does not correspond with new contours of your body and it become necessary to remove excessive skin with additional surgical interventions. Liposuction with other words fat absorption or removal of fats is method removal of unwanted fats from certain areas of body includes chin, neck and cheeks, arms and upper sides of breasts; abdomen, sides of body, hips, thighs; and knees leg and calf and ankles. Liposuction is not an alternative method for gaining weight, but it is a method for removing fat storages that do not respond to diet and exercise. Face or neck lifting may be necessary in patients who have soft skins instead of liposuction or as an addition to it. Even though liposuction is a safe and effective method, it is a surgical procedure and may cause complications such as bleeding, infection and loss of nerve. Complications are not frequent and most of the patients are satisfied with results. Normally, liposuction is a safe method if patients are carefully selected and operation equipments are adequate and the education of the doctor in relation to this subject and as surgical is adequate. Incisions for liposuction are half centimetre long, remaining sequelas are small and almost can not be determined.

If the surgery is not so comprehensive – then liposuction can be made under local anaesthesia and sedation anaesthesia and the fat and liquid amount that will be removed will be determined according to health situation, body area and surgical procedure that will be determined by the doctor. Patient will be awake but will not feel any pain. General anaesthesia will be appropriate if the surgery is planned in a wide area or will be applied in a lot of areas. In this situation the patient will sleep during the operation. After liposuction application a comfortable elastic cloth will be worn to application area so that bleeding and oedema is prevented and appropriate countering of skin to its new contour is provided. Corset not only prevents pains of patient but also helps patient to act easily. This fixed cloth or bandage must be worn for one month continuously according to instructions of surgeon. Panicula, little bruise can be seen in absorbed areas and also burning is felt. Pain can be control with painkillers. All senses can be lost in areas where fat is absorbed but this will be received after a while. Loss gain related to fats those are removed will not promptly be seen after the surgery. Oedema and water retention that occurs in the area where liposuction was applied is the result of this. Liposuction is an effective method that enriches you a new body image. The results may be permanent if you pay attention your food and make regular exercise. If you gain weight then fatty will widen to whole body equally not only in old swellings. Most of the patients are satisfied from the result after liposuction; they feel comfortable in different clothes. You will happy as long as your expectations are realistic.

Leg Aesthetic

The problems such as extreme thin or thick legs, distortion and existence of an excess fat cannot be solved with exercises or diets. Wearing skirt for some women can be a serious problem sicne they do not like shape of their legs. Methods such as calf implant placement, liposuction and fat injection are applied for solving the problems aroun leg area. Sometimes, these methods are applied seperately and sometimes, they are combined with each other. There are some cases which can be eliminated with leg implant operation: the existing gap between upper and lower sides of the knee; the two legs being different as thickness or as shape, the presence of a leg distortion. The same problems can be eliminated with liposuction, and sometimes it can be necessary to combine liposuction and leg implantation for the purpose of obtaining a better result.

Just like the ones of augmentation, implants which are being used for this purpose are made of silicon. They stay inside the body all life and they do not have any harmful effects against organism. Surgery is applied under spinal, epidural or general anaesthesia. A Sac (pocked) is made through a 3 cm’s of incision which is equal to the inside lines of the backside of the knee and the implant is placed. Surgery takes 1 to 1.5 hours. Scars are not visible and they do not need to be removed. We suggest our patients to stay home for one week and to wear a varicose vein socks for two weeks. After the surgery, female patients who had never worn skirt before can chose their clothes freely due to obtained results. In consequence, we can say that they are physiologically satisfied and happy.


Eyelid is an area that has an aesthetic value, a functional importance, and important effects on physical appearance at the same time on expressions of people. It is one of the areas where the first facial effects of aging are seen. Sagging and bulging occurs around the skin of upper eyelid as the time passes; and sagging is followed with muscle laxation. Wrinkles are seen on the skin of lower eyelid and eyebags become more visible. This situation reflects the eyelid and it becomes heavier. This can make people look more sad, tired, thoughtful or angry than they actually are. Eyelid surgeries can also be made for recovering following issues: forehead lifting surgery or any other facial surgery can be combined with eyelid surgery in cases of the sagging presence around cheeks, forehead wrinkeles or other problems. The position of upper and lower eyelid must be evaluated separately since that their anatomic structures are different. In this manner, the type of the surgery must be another. Upper eyelid surgery is applied on looping line of upper eyelid and lower eyelid. During the surgery, an incision is made below 2 mm’s of the eyelashes; as a matter of fact, the scars are hidden. Flaccid excess skin which causes wrinkles on lower eyelid must be recovered and sagging eyebags must be moved.

Eyelid surgery can be made under general or local anesthetize. If an extra operation such as face lifting and nose surgery is combined; general anesthetize can be preferred accordingly. Surgery of each eyelid takes around 20 to 30 minutes. The patient can return home at the very same day if only eyelid operation is applied. As with any surgical procedure, it is likely possible to experience some discomfort, swelling, and bruising which can be alleviated with cold compresses and pain medication. Oedema, panicula and cyanosis (bruising) can be seen around eyelids due to the surgical effects. Bruising and oedema is getting less visible within the next 2 to 5 days according to the sensibility and the body type of the patient. Sutures are removed in 5 days after the operation. After their removal, swelling and bruising around the eyelid will slowly disappear and the patient will feel better. During the recovery process, there aren’t any side effects which might be causing trouble for the appearance. Complications will be in a very high level if the surgery is made by an experienced plastic surgeon. Eyelid surgery is among the most positive resulting plastic surgeries. The positive effects are around 10 years. After 10 years, the positive effects will fade away as the skin and other tissues get older. Eyebrow lifting surgery can be combined with eyelid surgery. Eyebrows lifting will help the facial appear look younger and upper eyelid will look rejuvenated.


Dermabrasion or ‘sanding’ is among treatment methods that restructure top layer of skin via controlled surgical scraping. The treatments soften the sharp edges of surface irregularities, giving the skin a smoother appearance. Dermabrasion is most often used to improve the look of facial skin left scarred by accidents or previous surgery, or to smooth out fine facial wrinkles, such as those around the mouth. It's also sometimes used to remove the pre-cancerous growths called keratoses. Dermabrasion can be performed on small areas of skin or on the entire face. If there are depth scars during the same application they can also be removed during application. Chemical peeling operation can also be added during dermabrasion. Generally chemical application is applied for removal of surface wrinkles and dermabrasion is applied for deeper irregularities. Besides applying as a single procedure it can also be applied together with face lift, scar correction or other plastic surgeries.

Dermabrasion (attrition) will make your physical appearance better and increase your self confidence. But all these scars may not be removed and your skin will continue aging after application. Thus, talk to your doctor about your expectations in a most detailed way. Application can be made in all age and gender group. But recovery period of skin will be longer in elders. If there is acne again in active situation operation must be postponed due to widening risk of infection. Application carries high risk in burn skins or skin regions where radiation was applied. Your new skin will be sensitive, swelling and pink color. This situation can take a few weeks. You can slowly turn your daily activities in this period. You can continue your job after two weeks. But you must avoid from tired activities for more 2 weeks. Besides, the other important subject is that do not expose to direct sub sun beams for 6-12 months until the color of your skin turns back to normal situation. Your skin will turn back to normal situation in maximum 6 months.

Hip Aesthetic

In hip aesthetic surgery, there is actually not a complete composition about the ideal hip shape. Shape of women hips are determined by fatty tissue amount and its distribution. Shortly, if there is not adequate fat then a masculine structure with excessive muscles occurs. Or if there is excessive fatty in certain regions then a hip shape occurs that is not look like good. If the structure of skin is not good a problem known as cellulite occurs no matter how fatty distribution is good. Cellulite means a skin surface that was deformed with fossas looks like orange peels. Besides, gravity pulls down everything. This shows hips not good. Briefly, ideal hip must have a structure that has ideal fatty distribution without cellulite and stands in high level up. The most important step is determining fatty distribution correctly. Only changing fatty balance it is possible to keep hips in ideal shape and in high level without cellulite. The method for doing this is removing the fatty from excessive regions and distributing them to inadequate regions.

The method for removing fatty is known as liposuction. Fatties are absorbed with a tube that is between 2-6 mm. It is an easy method in comparison to other plastic interventions. It is made with local and general anesthetize and generally takes shorter than one hour. The method for giving the fatties back is known as “fatty injection”. Successful surgery is made by making a true planning, removing/taking excessive fatties and distributing to inadequate places. It must not be forgotten that a certain amount of fatties may melt and additional séances may be necessary. Besides, placing silicon prosthesis is also method that was specially made for hip. There is prosthesis for this that were made from silicones and similar with breast prosthesis. But incision is necessary in this technique for placing and as this sequela is among of both of the hips, there is a chance for hiding it. Another surgery in hip surgery is hip lifting surgery. In this surgery which gives very positive results, hip is lifting up and bringing into ideal form and height by an incision that will be made in waist level or just under hip. It is necessary to stay in the hospital for 1 day and using the supportive corsets for 4-6 weeks after that in these operations which are made with general anaesthesia.

Arm Lifting

Prolapse and softening may be seen in certain regions of body as skin fatty layer slims and elastic fibers decrease with aging. Aging generally occurs with the effect of genetic and environmental factors. Skin and subcutaneous tissues in arm and legs are also affected from this change. These changes in skin may turn into prolapse with the effect of earth gravity. This can be recovered with arm lifting or leg lifting. Today corrections of body contours are in demand and successful results are achieved. Except the above mentioned reasons skin prolapse may occur due to excessive gaining or loosing weight. Thus most of lifting surgeries are applied in inner sides of arms and legs.

In evaluation before aesthetic surgery, prolapse rate and fatty rate in skins of inner sides of arms or legs are evaluated and information about sequela is given to patient. In case no excessive prolapse exist in skin and there is only excessive rate of fatty then liposuction is applied. Arm or leg lifting aesthetic surgeries can be made under local or general anesthesia. Sequela will only remain in axilla or leg in case low prolapse cases. In case prolapse is longer through arm or leg then sequela will be longer. In this situation it may be necessary to wear arm or leg corset after surgery. Patient can go back home if local anesthesia is applied. It may be necessary to accommodate in the hospital if general anesthesia is applied. 1 week of resting will be enough after surgery. Sutures are removed after 12-14 days.

Laser Vessel

Capillary vessels are spider vascularity in face and leg. They are seen in face and legs as red, purple and blue vascularities which occurs due to oral contraceptive that are taken orally, hormonal therapy and also in elderliness and genetically. This problem is solved due to developing laser technology. Numbers of clinics changes according to prevalence of varicosis and degree. Results are immediately seen for venules. But for thicker veins effectiveness of treatment occurs in 1 month. Generally 2-3 clinics are seen necessary. But diameter and dimension of capillary vessel will affect this number. It can be repeated 1-2 times if is necessary after 3-4 weeks later. Laser beam is determined and applied by surgeon according to age, skin structure and length of capillary vessel of the person upon examination. Laser beams constitutes coagulation in this region. No pain is felt during treatment and after treatment. This laser was specially developed for removal of unwanted features in skin. Thus you can remove varicosis and capillary vessels easily.

Laser Epilation

Laser epilation is the quickest and healthiest way for removal of unwanted hairs. Wave length of laser beam that is used in laser epilation has absorption property by pigment of melanin. Laser epilation that is made laser system with cooling system turns into a heat that directly removes hair roots. It is not true to say that hairs are removed as %100 and do not occur again. Effect of laser epilation is very few in some people while very effective results can be obtained in most of the people.

Laser Remove Pigment

Different lasers are used for removal of pigment (macula, lentigo, nevus). But especially nevuses and lentigos must not be removed before evaluation of them by a doctor. Even though there are certain doctors who tries to remove these lesions with laser too as they do not have surgical authorization, it will be more suitable and logical to remove such lesions with surgical method. Sunspots, birth marks and some keratosises can be removed with a healthy way with appropriate lasers. Q-switched lasers are the ideal lasers for the treatment of these problems and provide cleaning without leaving any corrosion in the skin. Thus the laser systems that are most frequently used are Q-switched KTP, Nd-YAG and Ruby lasers. 1-2 application may be necessary in surface problems such as lentigo and sunspot and a few applications may be necessary in depth blots. Q-switched lasers may provide very positive results in the treatment of face blots which are problems of most of the women and know as Chloasma by application techniques those are recently developed. Blots related to sub can appear again if the patient sub bath again. Thus the patients must avoid from sun bathing or bronzing with artificial light sources after such operations. But blots those are newly occurred can be treated.

Forehead - Brow Lifting

We all have vertical lines on the forehead which usually show difference from person to person. Those lines are becomming vertical between the brows in time. Also, the forehead skin starts laxing and saging just like the skin of the face; current lines get deeper correspondingly with aging. Brows are sagging down in time and that can make you appear more tired than you actually are. Malnutrition, smoking, unsteady life style, air pollution, wrong or absent skin caring, effect of gravity and mimics are making it easily unpleasant aesthetically.

With forehead lift surgery, the lines in forehead are minimized. Brows which are sagging down above the eyes are lifted; so that the patient has a smooth appearance. A certain amount of lines near eye area can also be removed at the same time. If there is an extreme sagging and the skin removing is necessary; classical forehead lifting method can be applied. In classical methods, a scar which is up to 4 to 5 cm’s at the back of hairline in shape of a crown occurs, but this scar is hiden inside the hair. After surgery, a loss of sensation which may last for a long time can occur around hair skin area. Brow lift surgery which is applied for brow correction is usually combined with forehead lift surgery. Separate browlift surgery is not necessary. Besides, browlift surgery can be applied all alone. It is possible to lift the brows to a required level by small incisions through the hair skin.

Recently, forehead lifting or "browlifting" surgeries can also be made with endoscopic method. The same results can be obtained with a 3 or 4 cm’s of incision inside the hair skin area in cases of patients whose skin has to be removed in a greater amount. This method is applied in most of the patients. In this method, the process after surgery is more comfortable; no loss of sensation is seen in hairy skin or it occurs in a minimal level. The surgery is made in hospital conditions, under the observation of anaesthesiologists. It can be realized with general and also with local anaesthesia, or with intravenous sedation (via vascular access, half sleeping). It takes 1 to 2 hours. It is possible to get out of the hospital at the same day. It can be applied together with other plastic surgeries if it is necessary.


Fatty injection is a rejuvenation method for correction of soft tissue deformities and filling of bottoms of wrinkles that occurs due to place change depending on collapse, tabes and aging. Fatty injection can be applied to eye circumference, upper sides of cheekbones, cheeks, mouth circumference, chin, lip and brow and to collapse regions which are connaturally or occurs later. Its stability changes according to application type, amount and region. Its stability is shorter in movable regions such as lip and mouth circumference while its stability is longer in stable regions such as upper side of cheekbone and brow. Cynonasis and panicule which lasts 3-4 weeks is almost always seen after fatty injection. Cynonasis sometimes takes 1-2 week. Concealer make up can be used during this period. Generally pain is not seen during this period but sensitivity may occur by compressing that lasts 1-2 week in regions where injection was made. Theoretically, oil gathering method can be applied in all regions where excessive fatty tissue exists. Abdominal, hips or interior sides of knees are the most preferred regions as lipofilling can be made at the same clinic with liposuction. The achieved fatties can be used for other regions that needed to be filled such as face region (nasolabial, upper side of cheek bone, lips etc), breast, hips, leg filling, forming and forming of genital region and filling of bottom side of G region for increasing vaginal orgasm, thickening of penis and collapsed regions related with former liposuction.


A medicine which is effective ingredient is phospholipids are used in lipolysis method that is among the most popular slimming methods. This ingredient which is called lecithin carries high importance for lives. It is found in all live cells and takes part in all vital activities. It was observed that this medicine reduces and melts yellowish fatty glands that penetrate eye circumference and do not respond most of treatments that is used for reducing high cholesterol in medicine, and it was thought that this can be used for treatment of excessive fatties that penetrates into unwanted regions of body, and these local excessiveness are seen in both sides of waists, umbilicus, leg and interior sides of knees, wrist and ankle and small supraorbital pouches and small excessivenesses in jowl.

Phosphatidyl choline is a material that is obtained from soy bean and it is though that it has property to renewing and cleaning the liver in cases such as alcoholic cirrhosis and high cholesterol, and it is used for cases where fatty penetrates to some regions and shows themselves like a band in the body. Besides, this method can be tried for reducing and removing all fatty glands. This method which gives more positive results in women in comparison to men is applied with a thin needle like a medicine injection in regions where excessiveness are wanted to be removed like a method that is similar with mesotherapy. Upon injection of phosphatidyl it can change permeability of membrane of fatty cells, sometimes this situation provides remove fatty cells by deforming them completely and sometimes provides removal of fatty substance by increasing permeability of cell membrane. It was showed that an effect may be made to liposuction a as a result of changes and melting in cell wall. Besides, it is not true to compare its effectiveness and successfulness with surgical applications. Density of clinics is determined according to target region and patient.

Ear Aesthetic (Otoplasty)

Ear surgery, or otoplasty, is usually done to set to reduce the size of large ears and flap-ears. In plastic surgery, flap eared or protruding ear means excessive bending of ears to front side. Generally, the main reason is inadequate developing of bending of ear that has Y shape or its smoothness. Sometimes flap-eared is wrongly as having big ear. However the main reason is that the region on ear that must be bent is sometimes being smooth. Thus ear is being bent to front side by making more angles with head. So, ear is shown more when looking it from front side. Ear aesthetic surgery is made for recovering this problem. In this surgery gristle is rusted by entering from back side of ear and bent shape is given to it with special sutures.

Persons who are at young ages are operated under general anaesthesia in a well equipped hospital and if they are old enough for local anaesthesia they can be operated under local anaesthesia. Flap eared surgery approximately takes half an hour for each ear. Surgery is made from the back side of earlap and bent lines of ear cartilage are sharpens or slimmed so that it becomes easy to bend them. And then a new shape is given to ears and ear cartilage is pulled through back side. You can go home at the same day you have operation. Ear is kept with bandaged for 3 days. Patients can have shower after opening of bandages. Cynanosis and oedema (panicula) may be seen in ears after surgery, these effects will be removed in 7-10 days. It is necessary to keep ear away from any hit. In certain cases flap-ear does not occur connaturally or only ear lobe exists. This is called mikrotia. In this situation ear reconstruction aesthetic surgery is made. Generally, ear reconstruction is made by using own tissues of patients or some artificial materials (prosthesis) with them.

Growing of ear (%80) is completed until 5-6 ages in an important level. Thus ear aesthetic surgery can be made before children to start school if it is demanded. But it will be necessary to make ear aesthetic surgery under general anaesthesia at these ages. Making the operation at young ages will prevent negative effects that will occur in spirit of children. It is also possible to make ear aesthetic surgery in older ages. In this situation surgery is made with local anaesthesia. Besides, ear surgery (otoplasty) can be made at all ages. Otoplasty surgery can be made with nose aesthetic surgery or separately. Different theories were claimed until today about otoplasty or ear aesthetic surgery. Still all surgeons apply different methods. I think that making the operation from back side is more appropriate for hiding the remaining sequela. As perichondrium is lifted during operation, cartilage thickens according to new shape of ear during recovery period and shape of ear become constant.

Gynecomastia (Jinekomasti)

Gynecomastia is the situation of enlarging of breast like women in men. It may occur due to effect of certain medicines or hormonal imbalance. There are three main types: Glandular, fatty-glandular, simplistic fatty. Real breast tissue provides enlarging in glandular type and fatty tissue cells provides in fatty type. Liposuction is applied and removal as surgical are applied together in glandular type. If massonly consists of fatty tissue then only liposuction can be applied. In case mass reflects excess enlarging and ptosis occurs in breast then removal of excessive part of skin may be necessary. Depending on hormonal changes it is seen in men between 13-15 ages or in older men. This situation automatically recovers in one year in %90 of small boys. At the other hand gynecomastia can be seen again as hormonal cycle changes in old ages. Besides, other situations must also be examined that causes gynecomastia. Among these: hepatitis, cirrhosis, lung cancer, lung diseases, cancer of certain organs, thyroid gland diseases, testis diseases, usage of hereon or other drugs, gaining wait or usage of steroid for developing muscles and usage of certain medicines can be included. It will be useful to examine the mass with ultrasound. Thus it can be possible to determine whether the mass consist of only fatty tissue or not.

Asymmetry (difference between two sides), hematom (hemostasis under skin), seroma (effusion under skin), nipple necrosis (necrosis) and infection may occur. But tissue loss and infection risk is very low. Antibiotic is used after surgery for protective. Breast corset is used for pasting breast skin and decreasing liquid loss that will occur. Generally, incision is made around of breast as semi-circle and then reached to mass. Surgery can be made both under local or general anaesthesia. If liposuction will be made one or two incision that is 0.5 cm is made near axilla. The mass is removed from this point with liposuction cannula depending on vacuum. In this situation very few or no sequela will stay. A certain sequela may remain in our patients who have excessive skin depending on surgery as certain amount of skin must be removed such patients. The amount and form of this sequela is related with the size of breast.

Corset is worn on dressing immediately after surgery for pressure. Corset must be worn at least 2 weeks and preferably 4 weeks. If liposuction was made swellings will recover approximately in 4 weeks. Breast skin will past to chest-wall. Breast-wall may not completely be smooth in some cases especially when skin is in excessive amounts. In this situation additional surgical intervention may be necessary for removing skin excessiveness after 6 months. Sutures are removed approximately 10 days later. Patient can return normal activities in 3-4 days.

Penis Augmentation

Of course, length of penis is important in sexual life, but thesis related bigger penis gives more sexual pleasure is not always accepted. It is important for head of penis to reach uterus for vaginal orgasm in woman. Real small penis is the penis that is 3-4 cm smaller than standard values. All men interests with length of penis closely. This has become like a masculine power or symbol. The competition between men that focus on length of penis turns into a tragedy, the main reason for this is sexual identity was only reduced to penis. But the classic discourse must not be forgotten; the most important thing is not length of penis but its function. Instead of having a big, huge and long penis, having a small penis that can protect its hardness for long time is more advantageous. Of course there will be some problems both for position and physiologically during sexual relation with a penis that is much smaller the normal.

Sexual aesthetic surgeries for enlarging penis or penis augmentation are so limited in the world. The most frequently used method is made by cutting some ligaments that connects penis to body and then extracting some of penis tissue out that are inside so that sliding skin from sides on it. Fat or skin-fat layer that will be taken from person is transferred under penis skin for increasing thickness of penis. Thanks to this sexual aesthetic surgery, between 2-4 enlarging and 2 cm thickening can be seen in a penis that is not sexually stimulated. Patients who have mental disorders may not be satisfied from new appearance of their penis and bigger problems may arise, here the most important subject is this and must be taken into account that. Thus patients must be examined mentally in a detailed way before the surgery. Amount of lengths varies from person to person; thus results must be discussed with patients in a detailed way before operation. Approximately 2 months of sexual abstinence is necessary after surgery.


Labioplasty is sexual aesthetic surgeries those are made related to labium minus in the vagina sexual organ. In labioplasty surgery prolopse labium minus which are excessively big are minimised. Labium minus lays like a thin skin bends among labia majora. Labium minus reduced through back side and becomes a slightly bend. Colour, shape and dimensions changes according race and age. Normally they have 5 cm length and 0,5-1 cm thickness. Labia minus are minimized with laboplasty surgery by removing their excess part. But it carries high importance during surgery in relation to tissue amounts that will be removed and remain. This is determined after examining the structure and appearance of vagina and talking to patient. Correction of labium operations called labioplasty. Sometimes dimension differences with another word asymmetry differences may exit. This situation can also be recovered with labioplasty. Excessive parts are removed in this surgery and labiums are minimized. Similarly asymmetric labium majus negatively effects sexual life both as psychologically and functionally and labioplasty may be necessary again. Labioplasti is only made under local anaesthesia by local narcotizing.

In some women internal labiums are longer than labium majus, this does not cause important problem medically but cause aesthetic problems. This problem which can occur connaturally or cause due to excessive gaining or losing weight can make sexual life of women like a nightmare. Women who do not like their sexual organ may get cold from sexual life and may have orgasm problems as a result of losing their self confidence. Besides, excessive regions of internal labiums may cause perspiration. Thus they may cause bad smells and even fungal infections. All of these can be recovered with labioplasty. Sometimes labium majus may be longer than normal lengths as structurally. In this situation labiums can be stretched during sexual relation and this may cause pain. In such a situation labium can be brought into their normal lengths with labioplasty. Vagina reduction or himenoplasti virginal membrane surgeries can be made together with labiıplasty surgery.

This labioplasty can be applied to every person no matter she is married or unmarried, gave birth or not. Labium majus can be reduced however they wanted under surgery conditions and local anaesthesia. Scar is sutured with sutures which melt automatically. Labioplasty surgery period takes 30-45 minutes. Labioplasty surgery does not damage virginal membrane, besides it does not have any damage or cause problem to sexual intercourse, orgasm, becoming pregnant and giving birth. No sequela can be seen in the application area after surgery so that it is impossible to understand that an operation was made there. No problem is seen related to urination after surgery, and treatment is made according to instruction of the doctor. No pain that will disturb is felt. Patients can go back their normal life just after surgery. Shower must be taken after three days after sexual aesthetic surgery. Recovery of scar is completed in one week. Sexual intercourse can be had after 3-4 weeks later from surgery. Sequela can not be seen when looking from out.

Vaginal Tightening / Outer Lip Sugery

Vaginal tightening or outer lip surgery is made to correct aesthetic appearance that occurs as a result of vaginal softening due to aging and childbearing and to increase sexual pleasure. Vaginal softening means softening, enlarging and prolapsing of muscles and soft tissues in lower genital region as a result of trauma after normal birth or structurally.

Softening of vaginal muscles may become an important problem during sexual intercourse. Especially tears inside vagina that are not recovered appropriately after first birth may prevent the sexual pleasure. As a result of this woman may loss her self confidence and take a dislike to sexual life. It is possible to enable woman to take sexual pleasure again with outer lip surgery, vaginal tightening sexual aesthetic surgery. Besides, urinary incontinence situation can also be corrected after surgery that occurs with aging. Correction of labium minus with other words labioplasty surgery can also be made together with vaginal aesthetic surgery. Normal tightness and strength of vagina muscles are reduces with vaginal softening, vagina control and support functions are damaged. As a result vagina loosens, internal and outer width increases and sexual pleasure reduces. Man who is a sexual partner will also take lower sexual pleasure due to such softening.

In vagina tightening or vaginal renovation operation that has important place among sexual aesthetic surgeries, vaginal channel is reduced, necessary amount of mucosa and muscle tissue is removed and loosened muscle structures are sutured so that making them more firm and tight as surgical. Dosage of removed tissue is very important in this step. Vaginal sexual plastic surgery can be made under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. Patients do not feel any pain when it is made under local anaesthesia. Patients rest for short time and then go home. Patient must stay in hospital for one night if vaginal plastic surgery is made under general anaesthesia. Patients come out of hospital on next day. Patients can go back their normal life in 1-2 day.

Bleedings that have less frequency than menstrual blood can be seen after vaginal aesthetic surgery. Sexual life can start after 4-6 weeks. No suture problem is seen as melting sutures are used in surgery. Recovery is completed in 1 week. But hygiene is very important after vagina surgery. You must clean from front to behind after each toilet with dressing solution that will be suggested by your doctor.

G Spot Surgery

G spot is the most sensitive area in vagina. G spot is among unknown secrets of women, of which is considered among the most important inventions of last century. This spot, more precisely this area was named by German gynaecologist, and recently the opinion about this area gained importance related that this area is among the most sensitive areas of women for orgasm. Dr. Grafenberg discovered that this area swells when it is stipulated during sexual relation and thus woman receive more pleasure with this way from sexual intercourse and Dr. Grafenberg published this discovery in International Jorunal of Sexology magazine.

Most of women receive more pleasure from this spot in comparison to other areas of vagina. As it was firstly described by German sexologist Grafenberg it is called G spot is an area which exists approximately 3-4 cm inside of women vagina, sometimes recognised with hand, like a spongy, 1-2 cm diameter and harder than other areas. But the place of G spot is still discussed. The reason of this is the place of G spot may slightly changes from woman to woman. The anatomic area that is called G spot exists in most of the women and if this area is massaged continuously for a few minutes, the result is very intense orgasm. It is claimed that this orgasm much more different and intense than clitoral orgasm. Nervous connections of both orgasm types with brain are different. Woman must be stimulated sexually and want to have sexual intercourse in order to stimulate the area known as G spot; otherwise it is always may not possible to increase sensitivity of this area. Stimulation of G spot before sexual intercourse activates hormonal metabolism, thus sexuality is lived in the brain very intensely. Penis slightly stimulates G spot during sexual intercourse according to position, if vagina ceiling thickens due to effect of oestrogen hormone then this situation cause deletion of G spot slowly and accordingly decrease in its stipulation and thus it may disappear slowly in time. In such situations, making G spot more filled, swelling and prominent in vagina will cause to strengthen its friction with penis thus it will make easier its stimulation and pleasure that is received from sexual intercourse will also increase.

G spot amplification operation that rapidly widens in USA and started to be applied in our country can be applied to all women who can not receive sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse or to women who receive sexual pleasure but want to receive more sexual pleasure. G spot amplification method is made under local anaesthesia as dermal injection to G spot area. Application approximately takes 10 minutes and it does not require hospital accommodation. You can continue your life just after G spot amplification operation and it is possible to have sexual intercourse at the same night of operation day. Effect and time of G spot amplification operation depends of filling material that is injected. Hyaluronic acid of which is effect lasts approximately 6 months or fat filling which is effect almost permanent can be used. Satisfaction is very high as a result of this operation.

Clitoris Aesthetic

Clitoris aesthetic surgery shows increase with sexual aesthetic surgeries. Generally, clitoris aesthetic is demanded with labioplasty with another works for aesthetic surgery of labium minus. Clitoris is an erectile structure on the end of labium minus that is on upper side of woman sexual organ. It is equal to penis in man, but it was not perforated by urinary tunnel like penis. This is not related with giving birth or age. Clitoris hardens like penis too. There are approximately 8000 nerves on it. Clitoris consists of a glans that can be shown outside and a truncus that is in tissue. Dimension of glans of clitoris is variable and can be among 3-10 millimetres. There is not any relation determined between characteristics of orgasm and dimension of clitoris.

Clitoris may reflect a permanent enlarging in pregnancy period depending on mechanic and vascular changes. Some doctors predict and plastic surgery for minimizing the skin that covers clitoris from outer side for women who apply doctors for not reaching orgasm. The main purpose here is providing direct contact of clitoris with penis during sexual intercourse. It is obvious that this operation must only be made after careful evaluations when taking into importance that the skin on clitoris directly stimulates clitoris during orgasm.

Clitoris aesthetic surgery is becoming necessary in most of the patients who go to doctors with labioplasty demand. There may be tissue excessiveness on clitoris or tissues around it or clitoris dimension may be bigger than normal dimensions in case labium minus become excessively big and ptotic. Intervention to clitoris must be evaluated at the last point when making clitoris aesthetic surgery. Tissues that cover and surrounds clitoris are minimized before that. Decreasing the tissues around and on clitoris makes easier stimulation of clitoris. This operation is normally made under local anaesthesia and approximately takes half an hour. There is not a problem for removal of sutures as melting sutures are used in clitoris aesthetic surgery. After surgery shower is not taken for 3 days and it is cleaned with antiseptic after all toilet. Besides, sexual intercourse is forbidden for 4 weeks. Protective antibiotic and painkillers are used after surgery.


Botox is a purified protein toxin which is obtained from the bacteria named “clostridium botulinum”. The application isn’t harmfull because it is being used in small doses and it is not dispersed in the body. This protein relaxes muscles around the application area and it stretches the skin for an amount of time. This helps the area to look younger. Botox is injected with small doses under the skin, on the problematic area of the face. Due to the operation, the tense muscles are relaxed. Botox reaches to its maximum performance after 3 weeks of its applying.

The stability period of botox is approximately 3 to 6 months and this timing shows differences from an individual to another one. Generally, repetition of the treatment is advised in each 4 to 6 months. The patients who applied botox regularly for 2 years can have a visible weakening in their muscles and this can change their expression depending on the area. As a matter of fact; it is considered beneficial to apply the product in longer periods of time after the second year. Applying ice to the treatment area after the botox decreases possible panicula or pain. The patient can go back to normal life right after but the complete healing lasts approximately 10 to 15 minutes. 4 to 6 hours must pass before sleeping. It is necessary to rub the area gently.

The most effective results of apllication are obtained on those parts of the face: bowls, forehead, goose foot; which has a ratio 1/3 of total face. Besides, this method is applied successfully for lifting the tip of the nose; recovering the upper lip wrinkles, recovering the extreme tension on the chin and the healing of the neck wrinkles.

Botox - Migrene

Migrene is a type of headache which comes mostly with attacks. Attacks can change from 4 hours to 72 hours. The person feels totally normal between the attacks but he/she is worried about the next possible one. Migren which is used to be seen as a simple headache before, is considered now as a neurologycal problem. Some of the patients are having aura before the attack period. Aura occurs on the sensual temporary disabilities on visual, audio and sometimes on smelling areas. They are considered as the messengers before the illness. Sometimes they are seen as the balance and power looses. Aura doesn’t exist for all migrene patients. Actually, migrene without aura problem is more often then the opposite one.

There is a new theory about the formation of migrene today. This theory claims that the attacks are followed after the possible pression on some nerves around head and neck area which can be caused of their stuck between muscle fibers. Somehow, a plastic surgeon Dr. Bahman Guyuron notices that after forehead lifting surgery, some of the patients are getting rid of their migrenes. When he observes his recent patients, he noticed that it is not only a coincidence but it is a very often seen procedure. He also sees that some patients are getting rid of their migrenes after the rhinoplasty. With all these cases and anatomic information; he has the result that the migrene attacks are due to the pression of some nerves which are close to the skin. There are 4 areas suffering from those pressures: first one is the middle of the brows, the second one is the temple area, third one is the backside of the neck and the last one is the nose.

In plastic surgery, bottox use for the laxation on muscles in a favor of obtaining esthetical results is very common. Following by the migrene nerve pressure theory, the first applications are made with botox. The theory is approved due to the successful results and the surgery is started to be made aiming the problematic nerves. If the patient can claim that his/her pain starts from a specific spot, and if this spot is a part of the ones from the theory; this candidate is ideal for the operation. The effects start completely within the next 2 to 7 days and they last for the next 3 to 6 months. It is approved that those patients can also be cured by surgical ways. However, most of the patients prefer to have botox application wth 3 to 4 annual injections instead of having a surgical operation. It is also possible to combine the facial plastic surgery with migrene treatments.

Migrene becomes more and more an area for plastic surgeons because of its botox use, combination with other plastic surgeries and the places of the anatomic spots. Botox has an 80% success ratio. The surgical operations which are diagnosed by botox are even more successful. Migrene treatment has gained a new dimension with this project. It is a new cure which is not still very common. Please see the closest surgeon to your own for having more information about the surgery.

Botox - Perspiration or Hyperhidrosis

Excessive axilla perspiration or hyperhidrosis is seen in some persons and it negatively affects their life. Previous treatments for perspiration were not hopeful. BOTOX treats axilla perspiration in a trustworthy way. The significant and trustworthy effect that is obtained with treatment increases life quality of patients. Formerly, hyperhidros was treated with the following methods:

• As preparations consist of aluminium hydroxide they are not widely used due to their burning and irritation risk and having inadequate effect.

• The treatment method called iontophoresis where electric current is used is suitable for treatment of hand and foot, but it can not be applied for axilla.

• Finally, surgical application is applied in excessive cases. In endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, sympathetic nerves are cut that stimulates sweat glands by opening thoracic cage. Treatment is made under general anesthesia, after treatment excessive perspiration may occur in other regions of body.

As the above mentioned methods are ineffective and hard methods, BOTOX became advantageous. Perspiration amount can be controlled with nerves that stimulate sweat glands. BOTOX inhibits acetylcholine secretion that provides stimulation at the ends of these nerves. Thus, perspiration secretion does not occur as there is no stimulation to sweat glands.

BOTOX treatment is applied in 30 minutes under examination conditions. Local anesthetic cream called EMLA is applied to axillas before operation, other kind of anesthesia is not needed. Totally 50 units of BOTOK injected to each axilla with serial injections. The effect of the treatment is observed in a few hours or in one day. Its effect continues 6-10 months; sometimes it can last up to 1 year.

BOTOX hyperhidrosis treatment is a trustworthy method. Injection is conducted to surface skin where sweat glands are intensive. Thus, it does not have softening effect. Besides, BOTOX does not have effect for increasing perspiration in other regions or negatively effecting the body temperature regulation. As a result, BOTOX is advised in hyperhidrosis treatment.


Filling materials are among medical procedures used for removal of wrinkles and unwanted lines that occurs by years and shaping and forming the face. In this kind of applications filling materials that actually exists in the structure of skin but decreases in time and accepted as natural by the body are injected under skin.

First of all the most appropriate shape and form with face is selected and treatment planning is made according to this by taking into account the regions, wrinkles, excavatios and points where volume loss was observed and filling and fat injection will be made. Filling material injections are so practical and applications are carried out in a short period like 15-30 minutes. Applications do not required local or general anaesthesia as they are not painful, but local anaesthetic creams can be used before the application if patient wants. It does not effect or business of persons, it can even be made during lunchtimes. The application gives immediate results, it is not necessary to wait after application for seeing the result and there is not any special treatment is necessary.

Filling materials which have different properties have been produced until today, generally these can be classified as collagen and collagen types, synthetic materials, vicyrl that is used in surgery sutures, hyaluronic acid that is most frequently used and fat that is obtained own body of patient. Generally, stability period of materials, protection of natural expression of face, being appropriate with body and not causing allergic reaction in face and body are the main properties that must be taken into account.

Face - Neck Lifting

Facial aesthetic surgery or face lifting is made to rejuvenate face of patients by removing excessive skins of face or neck that softened or slackened. The surgery can not stop aging, but actually turns back the clock and rejuvenate your face. Aging turns the clock back, but clock continues working. Face and neck lifting aesthetic surgeries (face-lift/ neck lift) are operations to correct deformities such as wrinkles, prolapses, thickening and displacement that are seen in face and neck region and increase in time. General anaesthesia is frequently preferred in face and neck lift surgeries.

Local anaesthesia and sedation analgesia combination are among anaesthesia preferences according to technique that will be applied. Incision is made from front or back side of ear and sometimes from lower side of chin in face and neck surgeries. Sequela remains in this surgery like all other surgeries, but it does not attract attention as it is made from inframaxillary, back of whiskers line and front and back side of ear. You can reach your form that was before years and even have a younger and fit appearance. These surgeries protect their forms for long years. Thus you can challenge with years. No definite age limit for face and neck lift surgeries. The level and characteristic of deformity in your face and neck is important for indications.

You may have slightly pain, bruise and medium level panicula especially in the first days in healing period after surgery. But these are not permanent problems and will disappear without leaving any sequela. Asymmetries may exit that need additional surgical retouch for recovering or rarely recovers in long time.

The most unwanted complication of face lift surgeries is damaging of face nerves. Permanent mimic loss is very rarely seen. There is almost no risk for remaining of sequela in these regions. Sequela of face lift surgery is very slightly seen especially in old patients. Seqeula is very slightly seen in light skins. Upon a smooth surgery you can continue your daily life after 2-3 days and start working after 7-10 days. There will no any other method that can approach you to your youth until invention of time machine.

Lip Aesthetic

Lips are structures which attracts attention according to physical appearance like nose. Thus, big and flashy lips have been accepted as the indicator of beauty, attraction and youngness since ancient times. Lip aesthetic surgery consists of aesthetic surgeries for making lips look better.

Lips have an important place especially in facial beauty. Lip beauty provides face appearance become more beautiful and attractive. While big and flashy lips represent youngness, slim lips and lips which have wrinkles may represent elderliness. Slimness of pink parts of lips sometimes occurs genetically and sometimes occurs as tissues get slimmer depending on aging. Generally lip aging occurs as parallel with face aging. Chin structure, nose and teethes has important place in the appearance of lips. Except positions of lips, length and width of lips, thickness of upper and lower lips and appearance rate of teethes during smiling are also important for the operation. Lower lip must be thicker than upper lip; gingival must not be seen during smiling. Lips must be back of imaginary line that is drawn from nose –end to chin-end. Excessive lips those are beyond this line will not reflect aesthetic appearance. Lip aesthetic surgery is applied to persons whose lips are slim as genetically or slims as a result of tissue loss depending on aging in time, and whose lips are in normal situation but wants to appear younger and more attractive with thicker and flashy lips. Except this, if lips have excess thickness then lip aesthetic surgery is made by thinning and minimizing them.

Lip aesthetic interventions that are made for thickening lip are gathered under two main groups. First of them are made temporarily and the second one are made permanently. While filling materials have important place among lip aesthetic interventions which are made temporarily, derfomat fat-skin grafts, fat injection and sling methods can be shown as example among lip aesthetic intervention which are made permanently.

Facial Implant

Facial implants are made to enhance gonion, chine sides, and prosthesis of cheekbones and different points of chin or cheekbone area. If the surgery is planned truly such prosthesis can have positive effects. Such prosthesis can be applied in patients whose chin or cheekbone is not in adequate dimensions. Chin prosthesis is generally placed inside mouth and no sequela remains in face. Various kinds of prosthesis are used for this purpose. Choosing of such prosthesis is decided with patient. Cheekbone prosthesis is only enhances cheekbones through out. It does not affect other areas of face. At the other hand lifting that is applied to cheek effect centre medium of face. The purpose of this surgery is to raise cheeks to cheekbone levels that almost reduced down to chin level and are anatomically at down. Swelling that can be obtained with prosthesis can also be provided with this surgery. Cheeks can be enhanced and an ideal profile can be provided with this surgery especially in patients who have round face.

Hydroxyapatite, silicon, polyethylene with high density and fore-tex are among materials that are used for producing chin and cheekbone prosthesis. All materials have positive and negative properties and risks. Shortly, it is not possible to choose a material for considering that it is the best one. Application of silicon prosthesis is easy and do not reflects any reaction. Polyethylene is also among prosthesis those are most frequently preferred. Because it is possible to enter to small channels those are in this material with tissue and veins and tissue and material combines together. Thus their rejection risk is very low. According to investigations it was proved that even bone tissue enters into polyethylene. There is no possibility for melting of bone.

The main anxiety is infection in surgeries where artificial materials are used. It may be necessary to remove the material in infections those are not able to be treated. If the surgery is made inside mouth it is necessary to place the prosthesis by passing close this nerve. Although there is a very small risk for nerve rupture, contacting it may cause temporary loss of sense. This risk also exists in incisions those are made under chin but it is lower.

Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is a general term that describes correction of condition of skeletal and dental deformities in face bones. Orthognathic surgery can also be described as applications that are conducted to correct deformities of jaw or deformities of tooth with jaws. Besides, aesthetic and functional corrections can also be made with orthognathic surgery. Correction of chewing-orthognathic surgery interventions are among main application areas of modern plastic surgery in the whole world. The problems that may be seen in face skeletal structure and be solved with orthognathic surgery are stated below:

• When jowl is in front, behind, right side or left side,

• Deficient growth of one side or whole jowl,

• When maxilla is in front, behind, right side or left side,

• Deficient growth of maxilla,

• When teeth in jowl and maxilla do not contact each other (open chewing deformity)

• When gonion is in front or behind, small or big,

• When cheekbones are bigger, smaller, in more front or behind than they must be,

• Deformities of jaws due to accidents or tumour.

In face harmony and skeleton structure of human there are growths and rates that change from person to person. Thus in jaw skeleton growing there are rates that change fro person to person. In case relation of jowl and maxilla is not normal chewing deformities- malocclusion occurs. Jowl and maxilla can be front, behind, low or up from their ideal position that they must be. These problems in teeth and skeleton structure effects face aesthetic in an important level too. Another subject that must not be ignored is the current problem effects patients physiologically. Correction of skeletal and teeth problems with orthognathic surgery also solves functional, aesthetic and psychological problems too. This can be defined with the statement of patients as “a new lease of life”.

Chewing deformities of persons can be corrected as refine with a team consist of plastic surgeon and orthodontist. Only plastic surgeon or orthodontist is not adequate to obtain ideal result. When persons who have such problems apply to our clinic first of all the occurrence period of current problem is determined. Upon evaluation of tmj. temporomandibular joint in a detailed way, the images obtained from digital camera are evaluated in computer environment and ideal appearance of the patient after treatment is determined. It is important for patient to attend this digital evaluation actively that is made in computer environment. These patients must evaluate orthodontics treatment (wire treatment) that must be made before surgery with orthodontist to determine the treatment. Surgery plan is determined with works that are made on radiographies of patient (cephalometric analysis). Deformities in teeth are corrected before surgery period. A perfect completion is achieved with orthodontics treatment that continues after surgery period. Generally, orthodontics treatment starts before operation period and later continues according to plans. The length of this period is completely depends on problems and adaptation of patient to treatment.

Chemical Peeling

Different chemical materials substances are used for chemical peeling. Superficial, medium and depth peeling can be made according to used substance. Chemical Peeling are generally natural acids consist of glycolic, lactic and fruit acids and used as superficial peeling substance. Medium depth peeling is made with TCA (trichloroacetic acid), deeper peeling is made with Phenol (carbolic acid), and these treatment methods are different. Collagen and elastin fibres in skin disrupt in time, and as a result of this slim lines and wrinkles occur. More intense and better organized new tissues are provided by chemical peeling. Beautiful skin which has healthier colour and tissue can be provided by removing disrupted part of skin. Chemical peeling application is successful for treatment of acnes, treatment of scars that occur after treatment of acnes, removal of wrinkles and slim lines, closing of open pores in skin, removal of marks of old age on hand, removal of pregnancy marks, treatment of elderliness and sunspot marks and delaying aging. Short term slight glow, peeling of and peeling can be seen after treatment. There is almost no infection and scar risk in AHA peeling. Protection from sun lights is very important after peeling. Upon application it is important not to make up, not using any product except certain special creams and protection from sun for a few hours. Generally additional products are suggested together for house usage special for problems in your skin.


If you think that there is an unwanted shape or functional disorder in your nose as anatomical or after an accident, or if you think that your nose is not harmonic with your face, if you can not breathe from you nose easily you can benefit from this surgery. Correction or shaping of nose is among cosmetic operations that are most frequently demanded. This is a surgical operation that rearranges and improves nose to correct any damage in nose or correct an anomaly that can be genetic. The aim is this as anatomic, but it must not be forgotten that its aims can widened as achieving a better nose and increasing trust and performance. This operation is appropriate for all women and men who completed their adolescence period. Rhinoplasty is a rearranging surgery as a nose surgery. Dimensions of your nose can be reduced or increased, end or bridge of your nose can be changed, nostrils reduced or angle between nose and upper lips can be changed and nose can be corrected by removing excessive bones on nose.

But complaints about nose are not only limited with these. Sometimes it may be necessary to enlarge a nose that is smaller than standards. Corrections for ends or wings of nose can be necessary. Nose aesthetic can not only be thought as a plastic surgery, it consist of a correction related breathing function of nose. Breathing problems are seen frequently in persons who have shape problems in their nose. Dimensions of nose can be reduced, enlarged, its width can be reduced and increased, shape of its end and back can be changed (for example removal of roman of nose, if available), nostrils can be narrowed or angle between nose and upper lip can be changed (nose lifting) during correction of nasal obstruction without disturbing respiration function of appearance of nose. Besides, deviations of structure called septum can be corrected at the same surgery, which occurs due to growing crash and occurs at middle of nose. Making a good evaluation and a surgery plan before surgery can provide a much more satisfactorily nose both for aesthetic and functional. Rhinoplasty can be applied in all ages after completion of nose growing. 16-17 ages in boys and 17-18 ages in girls must be accepted as sub limit for nose surgery. If it is necessary surgery can be made in earlier ages in excessive deformed noses as well as in traumatic nasal deformities.

In most of the platforms the discussion in relation whether open technique or closed technique is better exists. Both techniques have advantageous and disadvantageous. Both techniques have patient group to be applied. Application must certainly be selected according to patient and expectations. Surgery period changes between 1-2 hours. Tampon application changes according to preferences, but I do not use it. If bone skeleton is also shaped in the surgery then plaster is made on back of nose. Patient accommodates in the hospital for 1 night, plaster is removed after 5-7 days. Cycnonasis are rarely seen and recovers in 1 week after surgery. If you are not satisfied with your nose and want a new appearance that will suit you with a surgery that means you are also a rhinoplasty candidate. In this situation, firstly you must have detailed information about your situation by consulting a plastic surgeon.


Cellulite occurs in the area where fatty tissue exists and under lower layer of skin. Cellulites appear like an orange peel in upper side of skin and cause women to lose their self confidence. Fatty cells widens as fatty cells store excessive fat and due to the effect of oestrogen hormone. Widening of fatty cells means excessive spreading of fatty tissues. This spreading causes body to keep excessive water and accordingly weakening of bleed circulation by effecting hyodermic connective tissue. Less oxygen reaches to tissues in area as bleed circulation weakens. As a result of this tissues lost their elasticity and skin surface turns into a rough appearance. Unhealthy life conditions, malnutrition, excessive alcohol usage, over smoking, physical inactivity may cause cellulite in long term.

Various kinds of methods were suggested for treatment of cellulite, but any of these methods are not successful alone. Various creams, massages, lipolysis, mesotherapy and Carboxy therapy are among these choices. Thus combine applications must be performed by analysing problems of the person carefully. The most important method among surgical methods is Liposuction. Liposuction is removal of fat with vacuum. But special cannulas are used in liposuction for cellulite. small knifes that are at the end of these cannulas used for cutting bands that combines lower layers with skin those are cause cellulite appearance. These bands compress tissue layer among skin and lower layer and so that they cause cellulite appearance. As these bands lose their function in this operation the orange peel appearance will also be removed. We suggest our patients to use corset for 4 weeks after operation.

Usage of Hairs in Body

All hair roots in the body can be removed from any area and implanted to any area. Generally, breast hairs are preferred as they are the finest quality hairs when hair implantation will be made. If not adequate hair exists in breast then hairs of other areas such as arm and leg can be used for hair. When hair implantation will be made from body to body then the hair that has the similar quality with the hair in implantation area is implanted. When implantation will be made to area where long hairs are desired then the hairs removed from axilla or skirt region gives better results. The widespread belief regarding “body hairs growths curly” is completely false. Body hairs are like normal hairs, but they look like curly as they are weaker and due to friction of clothes, they growth similar with hairs they are implanted. If adequate amount of hairs are implanted it is impossible to differ them from original hairs. Hairless area is recognised as a result of wounding such as cut, burning, laceration and surgery that is both seen in hairy skins and other hairy areas of the body (moustache, beard, brow and arms). Only scientific way of removing this area is covering that area with hair for correcting the inadequacy there. That area can almost be completely camouflaged if intense hair is implanted to that area as much as hair intense of its around.

Brow Implantation

If brow loss is seen due to various reasons or no brow growths then follicul transplant from nape is made that have most close thickness with brow. As scar takes attention that occurs after brow loss, the best results can be obtained in such cases. If hair that is removed with FUE method from nape is implanted intense enough as parallel to the bow angle to the area where scar exists, then an appearance that is close to old one can be achieved. It is hard to obtain the same result in total brow loss. Numbers of brows reduces with aging and if implementation is made among these thin brows, then an appearance close to original can be achieved.

NO SURGERY! For the ones who did not give up SMOKING 3 weeks ago

SMOKING in cosmetic surgery is most important complicator (issue remover). So smoking is the most important reason for poor results. It disrupts the normal wound healing, influences the blood flow, causes poor results instead of the result to be obtained at a high level. Smoking even causes unacceptable and poor results in all plastic surgery interventions (breast surgeries, major surgeries like tummy tuck and face lifting as well as reconstructive surgery)

Our patients are clearly told to quit smoking 3 weeks prior to operation and 1 week after operation for breast reduction, tummy tuck in what we call abdominoplasty and face lift surgery. Otherwise surgery is refused. Surely that can not be expected to quit smoking in case of emergency or vital facts. Patients will want to beautify herself but also give herself the greatest harm by smoking; this situation is not acceptable.


AESTHETIC FAIRY is at your service mostly with mostly with medical slimming, weight control, nutrition and dietetic, aesthetic operations and hair transplantation.