Personal Aesthetic Consultant and Dietitian Aysin Atakan, who determines the most appropriate treatment forms according to a person’s medical needs with the principles of the aesthetic surgery that should go with medical aesthetic, and establishes aesthetic concepts, was born in Oltu-Erzurum. After completing her first, primary and secondary education in Antalya, she graduated from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of Ankara Hacettepe University in 1986.

Fluent English speaking Aysin Atakan worked as Executive Manager at Antalya Sheraton Hotel (Starwood Hotels & Resorts), Antalya Steingenberger Falez Hotel, Istanbul Klasis Hotel & Resort, Golf Hotel, Maiden's Tower, Cyprus-Kyrenia Jasmine Court Hotel & Casino, Cyprus-Kyrenia Savoy Ottoman Palace Hotel & Casino, Antalya Orfe Equestrian Club, Hittite Group Turkey in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Baghlan Group & Zqan Holding in Baku, Azerbaijan between 1987-2012.

In addition to local and international trainings; she attended professional congresses, seminars and trade fairs in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan, as participant / speaker and has actively been working in Antalya, Turkey as Dietitian and Aesthetic Consultant.


AESTHETIC FAIRY is at your service mostly with mostly with medical slimming, weight control, nutrition and dietetic, aesthetic operations and hair transplantation.